We are pleased to announce that Michael Hogg has joined our team to make sure we can continue to provide the highest  level of support to our clients. Michael has extensive banking and finance experience with a very strong  risk management background. You can see more details of Michael’s background and experience by going HERE.

Ambleside Consultants Ltd was set up in 2010 by Jeremy Farebrother and Ken Smith both of whom were also directors of a previous Independent Financial Advisory company.

It was set up to use the experience of the directors to concentrate more on client needs and to have a more regional focus, both have extensive financial advisory, banking, currency and trading backgrounds (see About page).

With this background they have an understanding of what is important to the client and how the client can achieve his or her financial objectives.

At Ambleside we have a policy of no cold calling policy so our communications are only with those who have expressed a desire to seek our advice.

One of the key focus’s is on funds and fund allocation, whilst it is not always necessary to be changing funds all the time, it is necessary to have all the options available for the client and to maintain a watch on the markets to take advantage of any sector or geographical swings.

Whether it be for lump sums or regular savings from income, whether it is for retirement planning, education fees, pension advice and placement, or simply that holiday you have always wanted Ambleside are uniquely placed to set up the mechanics required to achieve these in close consultation with each client.

We have the ability to place clients investments into a range of areas such as equities, commodities, rural re-investment, fixed deposit, bonds, capital protected funds, and for the more sophisticated investor such options as futures funds, derivatives, arbitrage and Exchange traded funds.